Download GAPPS Mini for Android KitKat 4.4.x Devices with ARM Platform

This GAPPS Mini package is for Android running KitKat 4.4.x devices wich using ARM Platform. And this article is not for noob and crybabies.

GAPPS Mini for Android KitKat 4.4 ARM

This package is designed for those who use limited Google apps or prefer to install apps on their own. In this package you will find the core Google system base, off-line speech files, Google Play Store, Google Exchange Services (replaces stock/AOSP Exchange Services), Face Detection for Media, Face Unlock, and the following Play Store applications:

Clock (replaces stock/AOSP Clock)
Google Calendar (replaces stock/AOSP Calendar)
Google Now Launcher
Google NFC Tags (replaces stock/AOSP NFC Tags)
Google Play services
Google Search
Google Text-to-Speech

File Description:

Size: 237.23 MB (approximately)
Developer: Open GApps

Direct link to download GAPPS Mini for Android KitKat 4.4.x Devices with ARM Platform

Latest version via github.

Mirror link:

prohibited by developer

v Download from Mediafire here
x Download from Drive here
x Download from Mega here
x Download from Dropbox? No, thanks, and go to hell. I hate dropbox and other similiar hosting file which limiting the download bandwith (mean: others cannot download anymore if the limit reached, except the owner/uploader).

GAPPS Mini for Android Kitkat 4.4

How to Install GAPPS Mini for Android Kitkat 4.4 to your phone.

  1. Make sure your device have more than 237.23 MB free capacity on system partition.
  2. Make sure you have custom recovery on your device.
  3. Copy GAPPS Mini package into root of your phone storage (internal or external), it is the way you can find this package easier later on.
  4. Reboot into Recovery Mode, the combination key may vary depend on your device's vendor. Google it.
  5. In custom recovery mode, chose to install zip from sdcard. Remember, the menu option for flashing zip is different for each custom recoveries.
  6. Then chose GAPPS Mini package in the storage (internal or eksternal) you placed earlier.
  7. Confirm your action to flash file and wait till it finished.

Yes, you're now have Google on your phone whatever ROM you're using now. Congratulations.

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